About Us

Cool and cozy record store

Hi. My name is Jeremy and I own the store and this website.On this page I’ll tell you my story – the story of how I started collecting vinyl records and how it turned into a hobby and then into my life’s work and this store.
This story is interesting enough that I believe it may even inspire some of you to do similar things, and I would be very happy if it did.
So, back to 1995.
I was an ordinary high school student with nothing much going on in my life. But one day my older brother didn’t go home with me right after school, but took me to some place that was completely strange and unfamiliar to me – a record store in our neighborhood.
Before that time I was not really into music, I listened to popular artists once every few days and paid no attention to the world of vinyl at all.
But that day changed everything.
I wandered between the rows of boxes and looked at the motley covers like a bewitched man. It was just a new world to me.
That day I bought the first record of my life. The trouble is, I don’t remember exactly what it was. Let’s just say it was the Beatles. I loved them very much.
After that, I spent all my free time listening to music, and all my spare money exclusively on vinyl records. Within three years my collection of one record grew to 244.
And I wasn’t going to stop. Over the next five years those 244 turned into 2,668, and another year later into 4,000.
It was on that day, when I picked up record number 4,000 at the post office, that I first thought about opening my own store. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t want to get rid of them. But when you have 4,000 records, you can’t listen to them all regularly. I have a hundred or two of my favorites collected and I don’t often listen to anything outside of that number.
So the decision was made quickly. I gathered all my savings and borrowed some money from my dad. With this money I was able to rent space and purchase everything I needed.
Thus, in 2008 my store began its work.
Now we have more than 15,000 records in our assortment. Rock, jazz, electronica, pop – we have collected a lot of different genres so that everyone can find something cool for themselves.
Everyone is welcome, we are happy to share our collection with everyone.
See you among the vinyl.