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New Release of the Week. Listen and rate Album 001 by Soul River

Jeremy Reed

Just recently, a release from Soul River, a project unknown to the overwhelming majority, came out. The album under the rather plain cover was immediately drowned in the stream of the same newcomers creations – it threatened to be forever forgotten and unnoticed by anyone. But in a few weeks the album appeared in several famous music magazines and attracted attention with good ratings and reviews. The hype has gone, only the music is left and we also decided to prepare for you a small but nice review where we’ll tell why you should pay attention to this album and why at least three tracks should appear in your playlists after reading this review.
Interested? Of course you are.

Why are old turntables making a comeback in the vinyl revolution?

You never know where you’ll come upon a topic that will pique your interest and give you a new perspective on the world. Journalism is an excellent method to learn about the world in all of its forms and to meet individuals from all walks of life. I have hundreds of invitations to events all around the world in my inbox, but only enough time to get stuck in a rut and watch what constitutes the work’s backbone. However, I do occasionally venture into activities that do not appear to be directly related to my field of interest at first glance. A Sony invitation to a record player presentation falls into this category, and it’s a curious curiosity in this age of digital miracles. Even before I arrived at the presentation, I was running over what I remembered about vinyl in my head.

mac miller faces vinyl

I remembered finding a few hundred records when cleaning out the house a few years back. I didn’t want to throw them out, and I didn’t want to store them, so I figured they might be valuable to someone. Only one Mitino employee responded to the offer to take all of the records for free. He offered to carry the albums over to him and place them on the floor. It was closer to the garbage can, so they went there after speaking with this confident young man. He relayed the incident multiple times after learning that someone else had experienced something similar. Basically, my cassettes from the 1980s and 1990s, as well as my VHS and subsequent CDs and DVDs, have all been discarded because they were useless and took up room. I simply did not listen to their music or watch their movies. They turned out to be obsolete in today’s world.

Vinyl has also been a prominent motif in the decoration of many trendy clubs, bars, and hotels in today’s society. In May, I stayed at the newly completed Max Brown Hotel in Vienna. Graffiti was visible through the window, and there were dumbbells, board games, and novels strewn over the ground level. In my room, I had a record player and a few records ready for me.

The hotel attempted to create a specific mood, and I believe they succeeded to the fullest extent possible. And vinyl has become a part of this atmosphere, since even if you don’t play the record but just look at it, it brings back a flood of memories. It’s the sound that’s been termed “warm tube.” I spent my childhood listening to records, both big records and the blue, little, and bendable cups that the “Melody” firm used to manufacture every month. My parents also taught me how to listen book using recordings, which I enjoyed. The Technics turntable was from another era, with a record cleaning bar hidden below a plastic, transparent cover. The fragrance of records and circles strikes your nostrils as you turn the cover back, and a pattern of dots runs along the edge. These dots would merge into one solid silver canvas as the turntable unwound. It may appear to be a relic of the past, but when you look at a modern turntable that plays with a sense of nostalgia, you realize that the emotion is simply buried deep within you.

The availability of hundreds of various vinyl turntables inside the DoctorHead shop, where the event took place, was the first shock for me. It seemed as if I had been transported back in time, when vinyl was once again popular. I haven’t visited the newly remodeled shop, but it impressed me with its scale and focus on a wide range of musical tastes, but we’ll discuss it at a later date.

Tips for storing vinyl

Vinyl records are long-lasting keepsakes that you and your family can enjoy. They are frequently passed down from generation to generation as loved ones share the music of their youth.If you’re a serious vinyl collector, however, you know how important it is to keep your records safe. They must be handled with caution because they are delicate and easily damaged. Scratched, scuffed, or twisted records might cause skips in the music, or worse, won’t play at all!Here are some suggestions for storing vinyl records properly to maintain and safeguard them, regardless of their age or condition.

red taylors version vinyl

How to Keep Vinyl Records Safe

Make sure your records are clean before putting them in their sleeves.First and foremost, do not clean your records with your t-shirt! Even if your shirt appears to be soft and clean, the fibers and traces of dirt might scuff and harm your vinyl. Use the appropriate equipment for the job. You probably have a record cleaning brush if you collect records. If you don’t have one, you can get one online or at a local music store. Dust and debris can be easily removed using these brushes. Simply spin the record slowly while holding the brush on it. You can buy vinyl-cleaning solution if you have a record that needs a more thorough cleaning. Simply spray the solution on the record, avoiding the label, and wipe in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth. This should be done every six months to keep your records looking – and, more importantly, playing – like new.

Keep records in their album sleeves at all times.

According to most vinyl experts, the only time the record should be taken out of its jacket is when it is being played. That implies you should put your record away once you’ve finished listening to it. You’re letting dust and grime to accumulate on the records by leaving it on the turntable longer than necessary, which might affect sound quality.

Keep your vinyl collection upright while not in use.

To keep vinyl records in good condition, they must be stored upright. Because of the uneven pressure applied to records that have been stored at a slant for a lengthy period of time, they can warp. This is why records are frequently stored in vinyl records storage case that allow them to stand upright. Crate dividers ensure that your data are kept upright and slanted to a minimum.

Avoid stacking records on top of one another.

Stacking your record collection, whether in their jackets or not, might irreversibly destroy your recordings. The added weight may cause the vinyl to warp and even fracture or scuff. When you stack records in storage, you’re also jeopardizing the album sleeve artwork.

Double-check that you’re playing your recordings correctly.

When picking up your record, be sure you just touch the extreme edge of the surface! By contacting the record’s surface, you’re unwittingly transferring oils from your fingers to the vinyl, which can degrade the record’s quality over time.Trying to find a specific song on a vinyl record by hand is another vinyl faux pas. If you place the needle down on the turntable at random, you run the risk of putting it in the wrong groove and causing harm. Patience is the recommended best approach in this situation. Start at the beginning of the album and wait for your song to play.Vinyl records were once considered obsolete. However, an increasing number of people are beginning – and expanding – their collections. You can ensure that your collection lasts for many years by following these storing, cleaning, and playing instructions.

“Vinyl records: There are several crucial fundamentals when dealing

People are increasingly turning to vinyl to immerse themselves in the music they like. The secondhand market is rife with deals. Aside from collectors, it’s essential to look at the item’s condition. Our categories at media ops may be further broken down into their respective vinyl abbreviations, for example pink floyd vinyl records.

Records marked “Sealed” or “M/S” are what we consider to be “new” to us. A brand-new LP in its original shrink-wrapped packaging. In this case, scratches are not an issue.Like New: This record should be categorized as either Mint (M) or Near Mint (NM) (NM). In this case, the disc has been played, yet there is little or no evidence of it having been worn out. Both the cover and the record have something in common. The shrink-wrap may sometimes be found intact even after the package has been opened.

Vinyl: A Resurrected Classic

In reality, the vinyl record never truly went away. There are examples in other fields like jazz where it has withstood its dry spell. The revival of the vinyl record surprised even the experts. Vinyl’s resurgence isn’t only a treat for nostalgic music lovers who miss the rich, full-bodied sound that vinyl produced in its heyday. Vinyl records are also becoming more popular among the younger generation. Because of this, physical sound carriers have seen a significant surge in sales over the last several years. It’s not only the current vintage craze that’s driving up demand, of course. As an added bonus, there are several logical reasons for doing this.

The unique aspect of records

Analog music’s fervor is almost opposed to today’s digital hegemony. Other industries, such as photography, have also experienced a return to traditional knowledge. There are several advantages to using polyvinyl chloride sound carriers over digital music formats. What about the sound of music vinyl in general ?The 331/3 format of the vinyl record will never change, although newer formats are fast overtaking older ones. As a result, even rare records from the 1950s may be played on current record players. The unique sound of vinyl is also a strong selling point for vinyl, and it’s not only record enthusiasts that notice. It is due to the phase changes between the channels, which give the vinyl sound a fuzziness and provide spatial depth.

Vinyl serves as a bridge between the past and the present.

You no longer have to rely on your own personal collection to enjoy the sound of vinyl. In addition, a growing number of performers are putting out vinyl records of their music. Artists of all ages and stages of their profession may benefit from this advice. All forms of music are affected by the record trend. Heavy metal fans may enjoy the powerful guitar riffs of Metallica and Black Sabbath, while classical music lovers can listen to Beethoven and Mozart. Musicals and film soundtracks may also be purchased on vinyl.

Depending on the size and color of the goods, the price and other details may vary

Personal vinyl collections have exploded in recent years, thanks to the return of vinyl’s popularity among music fans. One of the most difficult things to learn is how to preserve records in perfect condition. Vinyl is a sensitive material that can easily be scratched and deformed. To keep your vinyl collection in the best shape possible, you need know how to store vinyl records. Continue reading for important advice on how to care for your vinyl records.

Selecting the Correct Boxes

Before handling any albums or records, make sure your hands are clean and dry, and that they are free of lotion or oil, as this could damage your collection.

  1. Gather the materials you’ll need to properly store your vinyl. A tiny moving box is an excellent choice for storing vinyl records. Because the corners of the records can lay flat, the precise size and square shape are appropriate. The records will begin to reconfigure themselves under their own weight if the corners cannot lay flat and are not well supported.
  2. Next, fortify the vinyl record box so that it can hold a record. To begin, tape any seams where dust could enter and harm your records with clear moving tape. Make a note of which side of your box is up.
  3. Understanding how to clean vinyl records is critical. To ensure optimal preservation, do this before placing it in the box. Remove the vinyl from the jacket and use a vinyl brush to clean any dust from the record. Use a cleaning solution formulated specifically for vinyl records if there is a lot of filth. Spray the solution over the surface and wipe it down with the brush. Using a microfiber cloth and patting, dry it. Allow the vinyl to air dry for another 20-30 minutes. You can also buy a record washer to make the process go faster. If available, place your records in a protective plastic sleeve after cleaning.
  4. Vinyl records should be stored upright and by size, with different sizes not being stored together. When selecting how many records to put in a single moving box, a delicate balance must be struck. The goal is to create a space where they can sit erect and on their edges without feeling pressed or crowded. Your records should be snug enough to prevent them from colliding, but not so tight that you can’t get one out. Loosely packed vinyl begins to deform and become damaged over time.

Transferring your collection

Consider the following suggestions to avoid damaging your vinyl during transportation:

To line and fill the sides of the boxes, use Enviro-Bubble®. This provides additional protection and shock absorption in the event of any bumps or shocks.

Keep your vinyl collection in a climate-controlled environment, such as the cab of your moving truck, and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Vinyl storage

Vinyl is an established technology that can be costly to replace, so it’s critical to keep it properly to protect your collection. Moisture, mildew, mold, and heat are the kryptonite of records, destroying both their value and their capacity to play.

Climate-controlled storage is the greatest option for storing since it maintains a constant temperature and humidity level of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Your vinyl collection will retain its listening quality for years to come with a little care and maintenance.

Vinyl Collectors’ Favorite Subscription Boxes

Please, vinyl me. Digging through crates is entertaining, but finding a nice, playable record for a reasonable price can be challenging. Thankfully, subscription boxes exist that make record collecting more accessible and economical.

Even with the growth in popularity of vinyl over the last decade, the fact that there are so many vinyl subscription boxes on the market right now may surprise you. They all have their unique advantages (exclusive records, ancient records, independent albums, etc. ), but the overall concept is the same: grow your record collection without wasting time or money.

david bowie vinyl records

Many of these subscription companies let you pick a favorite genre or even certain recordings to get each month, ensuring that you don’t become bored. Some of these subscriptions also include exclusive albums, artwork, and inserts that may appreciate in value over time.

Of course, one subscription box may appeal to you more than another, depending on your budget or listening tastes. It would be too expensive to subscribe to more than one of these. That’s why we’ve spent time scouring the web for the best vinyl record subscription boxes to suit everyone’s interests.

For good reason, is one of the most popular record subscription services on the internet. Vinyl Me delivers you an exclusive record every month, generally with a colored disc, a lyrics insert, or unique artwork.

Each month, you get to choose the genre you want. If you don’t like what Vinyl Me has to offer, you can choose another record or one from a prior month’s shipment. Some of Vinyl Me’s exclusive albums have become collector’s items, so if you’ve got the cash, you might as well jump on the bandwagon now.

Cratejoy is a subscription box company that you’ve definitely heard of if you like subscription boxes. There are a variety of subscription boxes available on the internet, ranging from cat boxes to beauty boxes, and it turns out that the Cratejoy Vinyl Record Club subscription is also rather fantastic.

Find something remarkable to do, and become a part of a community that is doing good.

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This is the only record crate buying guide you’ll ever require boxes for vinyl records.

Record shelves are one thing, but nothing matches a good old crate for portability, accessibility, and versatility. It’s true that repurposing real milk crates is now banned, but that shouldn’t stop you from being resourceful.

While apple boxes and wine cases are important, there are increasingly more unique solutions available that will make going through your own collection a pleasure every time.We’ve picked together ten cuboid containers from across a range of price points (beware the odd one out) intended largely for usage in the home, whether you’re looking for boxes for storin’, crates for wheelin’, or slings for hangin’ loose.

Check them out below, and stay tuned for a post next month on the finest record bags and cases for traveling with your vinyl.

black vinyl record on black vinyl record

The cost is £8.99. Perhaps you’re relocating. Perhaps you’ll need to make some room (for things other than records). Or perhaps you simply adore the archival look. You might merely desire a cardboard box for your records for any reason. The 7′′ boxes, which are stackable and have grab handles, can contain up to 220 records each, while the 12′′ boxes can hold 70.

11.25 pounds Authentic milk crates are sturdy, portable, customizable, and the perfect size for a 12′′. They’re also against the law. The Supreme Crate will keep you out of jail. These crates are available in black or white and feature tabs and grooves to allow multiples to be securely stacked sideways.


History of vinyl records


Many people would agree that the vinyl record is an icon of the twentieth century. They’ve been passed down through several generations. Despite the fact that cassettes and CDs have now supplanted this medium, it continues to have aficionados and lovers all over the world. So, why do people continue to be drawn to something that appears to be a relic of a bygone era?
The creation of technology that could play back gramophone recordings is closely tied to the history of not only vinyl, but also other phonograph records. Thomas Edison, a young scientist, patented his invention, the phonograph, which allowed people to record and play back sound, in 1877. It was recorded on a cylindrical roller covered in tin foil or wax tape with a needle that left a trace. It was a genuinely great invention at the time. The idea of recording sound on a drum and its subsequent replication was scientifically confirmed and explained by the French poet and inventor Charles Cros in the same year. Based on these discoveries, Emile Berliner, an American inventor, devised a novel technique of capturing and reproducing sounds and invented the recorder and the phonograph 10 years later. Berliner was the one who proposed that the recording medium be in the shape of a circular disk.

The invention of the phonograph accelerated the development and refinement of sound media significantly. Celluloid recordings were the first to arrive, followed by rubber and shellac records. Vinyl records, often known as “long” recordings, were popular after WWII. Because they were composed of polyvinylchloride and lasted considerably longer than their predecessors, they were given this name.

Previously, recordings were thick, heavy, and fragile (no sturdier than glass). They also spun very rapidly, so even big albums didn’t sound like they lasted more than five minutes. All of this put them at a disadvantage when it came to reels and spools. As a result, Columbia, the main gramophone record producer at the time, employed condensed recording technology to boost playing length to 30 minutes in 1948. Columbia’s competitor RCA, not wanting to be left behind, created a 175mm diameter record with a 45 rpm spin speed.